Winder Police Department Seal


To carry us through this century, we reinforce our vow to protect and serve our community while ensuring the basic rights and quality of life are held to the highest proven standards of excellence.

The Winder Police Department's mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community while working cooperatively with the public to prevent crime; to preserve the peace, enforce laws with respect to the constitutional rights of all citizens, to reduce fear and provide for a safer community environment.

The end result is an efficient and professional department that represents and works for the common good of all citizens of Winder.


The City of Winder, located in Barrow County, Georgia, is 14.11 square miles and has a population of approximately 15,000 people according to 2015 census data. The Winder Police Department proudly serves the citizens of Winder by providing a wide array of services, including:

  • Neighborhood and Business patrols

  • Crime Prevention Programs

  • D.U.I. and accident-reduction patrols

  • Housing Authority patrols


In 2002, the Winder Police Department achieved the State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification, complying with strict standards of professionalism and ethics in law enforcement. The department has maintained that certification since that time by passing the re-certification process that occurs every three years. 


The Winder Police Department received a total of 5,749 hours of training in 2016--an average of 122 hours per person.

Our CSI and Forensic Unit completed a total of 110 Digital Forensic Training hours at the National Computer Forensic Institute; conducted 170 cell phone examinations, 14 computer examinations and 16 fingerprint identifications in criminal cases. Advanced Mobile Forensic Certifications in JTAG and ISP were also obtained.

In our Crime Suppression unit, 60 arrests were made; 59 search warrants issued, one vehicles and a total of $8,220.81 was seized.

In our Patrol Division, a total of 14,017 calls for service was received; 4,398 citations were given; 4,861 warnings; 623 accident reports; 453 warrants served and 2,574 incident reports written. Top arrests on warrants by the Patrol Division was for drugs, and family violence/simple assault. There was a total of 623 accidents reported in 2016 with 200 injuries and no fatalities.


The men and women of the Winder Police Department are dedicated to professionalism, and offer the best services to our community while setting an example for others to follow.